Wholesale Men’s T-Shirt Production

Traditional and Changing Wholesale Men’s T-Shirt Production Designs

Traditionally, the length of the t-shirts, which have a round neck and are produced in such a way that the length of the arms is a few fingers above the elbow, is long enough to close the belt line. Over time, men’s t-shirt manufacturers have started to produce and market longer – short-sleeved t-shirts, V-neck and longer body length models.

Today, men’s t-shirt production with narrower arm, chest and waist parts are also available in the market, which are produced to show the body details better. The number of standard collars wholesale men clothing used has increased from 2 to 8.

T-shirt, which also has an impact on sports branches, quickly replaced the shirts with shirt-like cuts with its comfort and practicality. Today, t-shirts are worn as jerseys or traditionally in men’s t-shirt production cut jerseys in many sports, especially football, tennis, cycling and horse riding.

Today, t-shirts are used by children, young people and anyone who wants to move comfortably. Although men’s t-shirt clothing alternatives are not as much as women’s, they can be combined with almost all kinds of shorts and trousers.

T-shirts, which can be produced with almost all kinds of fabrics, are the most preferred garments, especially by those engaged in sports, with fabric options that reduce sweating and reduce sweat from the body. White colored wholesale men’s t-shirts produced with wide cuts are preferred more especially by those living in hot sections.

As one of the most developed countries in the field of textile in the world, Turkey imports textile and textile products to all countries of the world. As one of the largest wholesale menswear manufacturers in our country, we are one of the companies with the highest production volume among wholesale t-shirt manufacturers.

With high quality standards, we can produce patterned, plain colored t-shirts in any size, cut, arm and neck type and special sizes our customers want, with any fabric they wish. Thanks to our high and flexible t-shirt production capacity, we complete and ship the orders of our customers in every corner of the world very quickly and at the lowest cost.

wholesale men's t-shirt

T-shirts are among the clothes that men of all ages and income groups have, thanks to their wide range of usage and wholesale men’s t-shirt production comfort. Men's t-shirt production used as underwear at the end of the 19th century began to be recognized and used as an outfit in the 20th century. T-shirts, which are preferred especially in hot climates, have become widespread rapidly thanks to their single piece and easy replacement. Over time, t-shirts, firstly printed and then made up of different colors, patterns and fabrics, started to be produced. T-shirts found their first use in the US Navy. During the Second World War, when the soldiers operating in the ship, which became very hot during the conflicts wholesale men’s clothing. They were allowed to serve with the t-shirts they wore as athletes, the t-shirts, which started to be used widely. They were introduced to civilian life by the soldiers who returned to their civilian lives after the war. You can contact us by phone and e-mail to get information about our customization options, men's t-shirt production prices, production and delivery times.