Water Drop Pattern Men Shirt S-216

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Water Drop Pattern Men Shirt

Patterned men shirt have been one of the clothing elements that never lose their place in the young men’s clothing trend. Patterned shirts, which are frequently preferred by young people who want to attract attention, who want to express their lifestyle with their clothes and who do not hesitate to be different, are among the products that help them to make a turnover in wholesale shirt clothing businesses.

Patterned shirts are attracting more customers today than they were a few years ago. This is because young people do not hesitate to express themselves and take great pleasure in drawing attention to them. In addition to the practical and comfortable use of shirts, they were stylish and can be used with all kinds of wholesale men clothes, causing them to be the most preferred clothing among young men.

We produce products with attractive designs and fabrics in men shirts. Our design team designs by following the extreme fashion closely. This is one of the products we produce in line with the wishes and needs of our customers. We have a team of experts in wholesale menswear. As the number increases, our production capacity increases. Fast and complete delivery is our main responsibility. Contact us to benefit from this service.

Different Style Men Shirt

When designing this men shirt, we were inspired by the rain that hit the sea during the storm and the raindrops that hit the sea and the windows of the houses. Inspired by the unpredictable falling of the raindrops on each other, we wanted to emphasize how the pattern, which seems mixed in a small part, forms a wholesale men’s clothing when looking at the whole shirt. We aimed to emphasize that the young people who would prefer this shirt not only have one thing, student, son, sibling, lover, employee, but actually many people.

Our men’s shirt with raindrop design has the following features;

  • Buttons are made of durable resin plastic. They are long-lasting, do not break and break easily.
  • The seams are tightly sewn, high quality threads are used. The ropes are long-lasting and do not easily throw or break.
  • Contrast patterns used with large spaces cause the eye to stay on the shirt more. Continuing to look for order in the pattern, the eye will help the wearer to attract more attention.
  • Slim fit cut. Fits lean and athletic bodies at the waist and back. However, it is not tight enough to prevent sweating and mobility.
  • Made of 100% silk woven high quality fabric. It reduces sweating. It is also suitable for wearing without undershirt. It is a durable fabric, it is long-lasting against abrasion and silting. It does not release its color easily.
  • Due to the narrow waist, it can be worn without trousers. It does not create sagging or ugly images. Does not fluctuate. It can also be tucked into trousers.
  • Wide neck allows to wear ties to create different styles. Its long cuffs also help create a stylish effect when worn with a jacket.

Other Details and Options in Men Shirt

Our company, which is among the largest wholesale shirt manufacturers in the Middle East, works with businesses that buy and sell wholesale menswear in every corner of the world. For our customers who buy and sell wholesale men’s shirts, we make special production on order.

The minimum order quantity for shirts is 500 pieces. In addition to standard lengths, we also produce special sizes and we have different color options for patterns. According to customer requests, we also have fabric options that are resistant to water and liquid spills and dirt-repellent instead of standard fabrics.

You can discuss all kinds of questions about prices, customization options, shipment and delivery dates with our friends working in the wholesale men clothing sales department and get answers to all the questions you have in mind.


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