Vintage Car Men Shirt S-215

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Vintage Car Men Shirt

Many men shirt produced for different body types find their place in men’s wardrobes in all regions of the world. Although slim fit shirts come to the fore nowadays, large and muscular men still prefer comfortable and normal cut shirts. Therefore, comfortable and normal cut shirts have become a design that will never get old in men’s clothing fashion.

Designed, colorful shirts have become a rising trend in recent years, especially among young men. In shirt patterns where abstract designs are generally preferred, we wanted to convey nostalgia, which is an abstract concept, on fabric with concrete city life and present it to our customers.

By combining iconic images of different cities of the world with the eye-catching designs of classic vehicles, we have created a pattern where the eyes can constantly look for something new. With dozens of different details, shirts stand out as an ideal solution for young people who want to attract attention as a product that can increase the turnover of businesses interested in buying and selling men’s shirts.

We continue to produce with our models that look attractive in men shirts. We can produce shirts in the style and design you want. Our design and production team works extremely professionally. We provide fast and safe delivery of wholesale men’s clothing. We provide full information and follow-up from design to production, from packaging to transportation. We strive to please our customers with utmost importance.

Men Shirt with Nostalgia Colors

With this men shirt design, we wanted to emphasize the complexity of city life, the invisible and invisible order and the momentary and bright beauties of nostalgia with this design that blends cacophony and order together. We aimed to attract the attention of the young people wearing the shirt and its bright colors.

The general features of our nostalgic design men’s shirt are as follows;

  • It is sewn as a comfortable cut so that built and muscular men can be comfortable. It allows the wearer to move easily, does not tighten. It does not cause sweating, it helps the body to breathe.
  • The lower part has a slightly narrow design. In this way, even if it is not tucked into trousers, it does not fly, does not create a bad image, and maintains its stylish stance.
  • Bright colors and many elements that make up the pattern make it easy to attract attention. Numerous details allow the shirt to be followed by the eyes for a long time. Positive colors have a positive effect on people.
  • Made of high quality fabric made of 100% silk, which does not sweat. It does not cause abrasion or thread even in intensive use and keeps its colors for a long time. It can be worn for years like the first day.
  • Long cuffs and wide neckline add stylish details. It is suitable for day and night use together with the sports jacket.
  • Buttoned and wide neck suitable for use with a tie. It helps to reveal unique images with jacket and hat combinations.
  • Since their arms are wide, even people with wide arms can easily bend their arms.

Men Shirt Design Customization Details

Our company, which is among the largest wholesale men’s shirts manufacturers in the region, serves its customers in many parts of the world in the sale of the best men’s clothing products online. With this product, we also offer our customers many customization options.

We can produce fabric options that are not affected by water and liquid spills and are dirt-repellent for our customers. In addition, the same pattern has alternatives in different colors wholesale men clothing. We take orders for at least 500 shirts and we can produce all standard sizes, including special sizes requested by customers.

You can get information from our friends working in the sales department with price, delivery date, shipment conditions and customization options, and share all your questions with them.


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