Tree Detailed Men Shirt S-206

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %97 Cotton Fabric and %3 Lycra Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Tree Detailed Men Shirt

We design with the most special fabric and patterns in wholesale men’s clothing. Our fabrics are carefully selected high quality fabrics. Until the production process, our design team works in line with customer requests. We make innovative designs in men’s clothing. Contact us for your men shirts orders. You will see that we are different in wholesale menswear.

While it allows the machine to be washed at the degree specified on the product label and specified specifically for the product, it can be used safely due to its resistance to both water and stains. This product, which offers its users the opportunity to combine it with different trouser colors thanks to its pattern and color combination designed with an extraordinary elegance in shirts, which are the men’s clothing trend, can be used easily for different age ranges.

Men shirt, which has the same pattern and different color combination options at the same quality, can easily adapt to different styles. In addition to its unique soft texture and easy ironing feature, its long sleeves allow for easy and regular folding. Thus, it allows its customers to wear either short sleeves or long sleeves men shirt.

Quality Production, Special Design and Reasonable Price Men Shirt

Although frequently renewed among men’s outerwear, men’s shirts, which usually have the same patterns, cannot meet the needs that exist from time to time. As our company, we offer our shirts with different and special designs for wholesale with our “Buy Wholesale Men’s Shirts” service. Thus, we meet the needs of our customers by introducing new and special products to the market.

The shirts most used by all age groups as wholesale menswear can have different styles with many fashion trends.

  • This product, which we offer for sale in our world, is created with a leaf pattern prepared with a unique contrast of burgundy and dark blue colors on a white base base and provides the opportunity to use between the spring and autumn seasons.
  • Thanks to the 97% cotton used in the shirt fabric, and the 3% lycra fabric, it does not make people sweat during use, and it also provides comfortable movement inside.
  • This product, which allows long-term use with its high production quality, does not cause a situation such as electrification.

We offer our men’s shirts sale with tree details, which can appeal to large segments, with a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces at affordable prices. Our product, which fully meets the existing needs with its different color and size options, immediately distinguishes itself from other shirt types in the market with its quality texture and looks very elegant and elegant with its quality texture.

Quality And Reliable Shopping Men Shirt

As our company, we are the leader among wholesale shirt manufacturers in our sector in which we serve, and we offer our products produced with 1st class materials for sale. We plan the design and production stages together by carrying out all stages of our production through certain processes. In this way, we prepare the ground for the production of our products by controlling them one by one without any deformation.

You can easily create a wholesale men clothing order by safely choosing the shirts you need from our range of shirts produced with the latest technology under the management of our expert staff. You can easily own this product, which stands out with its different style compared to the standard shirts on the market.


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