Thick Square Men Shirt S-229

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %67 Cotton Fabric and %33 Polyester Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Thick Square Men Shirt

Men shirt have been the most important part of men’s clothing for many years. Their elegance, comfort and the shirts that can be easily combined with any kind of trousers find a place in every men’s clothing wardrobe as they offer elegance and comfort in any setting.

Shirts are one of the most important parts of wholesale men’s clothing. Every man needs quality and comfortable shirts that he can use with both fabric and jeans. One of our most important goals in designing this shirt is to create a shirt that today’s modern man can wear in both formal and informal settings. All day long when leaving home, and to focus his attention on the work he is doing and the people he meets during the day.

In addition to the latest fashion fabrics for men shirts, we also design with fabrics that we can call classic. We have a wide range of products that appeal to every segment and every culture. We produce both fast and high quality men’s shirts in wholesale. This is the main reason why our customers who want to buy wholesale menswear prefer us. Our fast supply of quality. In this way, you are not late in seasonal transitions and you can fill your shelves in the best quality.

Modern and Classic Men Shirt

Although fashion is constantly changing and new designs come to the fore, quality never goes out of men’s clothing fashion. For this reason, some design elements have been used unchanged for years and are considered immortal in men’s fashion. While designing this shirt;

  • We preferred the classic cut for men of all body types to be comfortable and look stylish.
  • We preferred a high-quality fabric that can be used for a long time without thread and wear, and contains 67% silk and 33% polyester.
  • We did not use a pocket in order to be suitable for formal use.
  • In line with 2021 fashion trends, buttons are no longer an accessory, but a part of shirt design. With the patterns in which matte and bright colors are preferred together, we aimed to shift the eyes of the viewers from the shirt to the wearer and to be the focus of interest in the place where the person wearing the shirt is located.
  • This model, which allows the use of ties with its classic and wide neck and long cuffs, was designed for sportswear, but we aimed to provide an ideal and stylish solution for men who need to be very active during the day and be ready for any occasion.
  • While the wide collar allows the use of thick ties, which are preferred by more structured men. We aimed to allow the arms to be folded comfortably and without reducing the mobility of the person wearing the men shirt. Thanks to the buttons positioned both on the cuff and close to the elbow.

Details Before You Order Your Men Shirt

Our model, which has different color and pattern options, is one of our most popular products in the men’s clothing online category and one of the most demanded products in the wholesale men clothing branch.

According to the requests of our customers, the minimum order quantity of our shirts. We can offer to those who are looking for wholesale men’s shirts with a special fabric option that is resistant to water and other liquids and resistant to contamination, is 500 pieces and we can produce in any size.

Our customers who visit our site to buy men’s shirts can get help from our friends in the sales department if they want to customize this shirt and if they want custom-sized shirts. According to the type of fabric you choose, you can get information from our friends in the sales department for washing and ironing procedures, as well as all instructions on the labels on the shirts.


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