Thick Line Men Shirt S-223

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %67 Cotton Fabric and %33 Polyester Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Thick Line Men Shirt

Men shirt is an essential part of men’s clothing. Shirts that can be worn at school, work or social occasions are among the essentials of men’s wardrobes. However, not every shirt is suitable for all occasions. There are separate shirt types for suits and for daily use. Although the line between these differences is getting thinner and thinner among today’s men’s fashion trends, it still maintains its place.

Striped fabric design has been used in different menswear clothes in different cultures for centuries, and although it is a classic application of the textile industry, it has never aged. Striped fabrics with different shapes and designs continue to be used in all areas, from shirts, trousers, t-shirts to jackets.

One of the best menswear, striped shirts can be used with all kinds of accessories. Shirts using striped fabric are not worn with suits as a rule of thumb, however, we removed the pockets to strengthen the formal design in this product and ensured that the shirt is compatible with blazer-style jackets.

Sewing and designs in classic style continue for men shirts. Our team that follows the fashion does not give up on classic fabric models. We work with such classics in order to be able to appeal to all countries we supply wholesale shirts. As a wholesale men’s clothing company, we supply a large number of mass production. Contact us if you want to keep the quality and patterns of the products you sell at retail.

Men Shirt Simplicity, Comfort and Elegance All Day

In this design, we chose this classic design and set out to produce a shirt that the user can wear in all areas of his life and combine with all kinds of trousers and jackets. We designed this model so that men with large and muscular bodies can wear and be comfortable even in different environments during the day without sacrificing wholesale men clothing elegance.

General features of our shirt;

  • We prevented unnecessary diffusion by avoiding contrast colors that would not tire the eye.
  • We emphasized the formal design of the shirt by choosing dark tones.
  • We completely removed the pockets to emphasize the formal design.
  • With its wide collar design, we created a structure suitable for use with a tie. The wide collar has also created a suitable space for the use of thick ties, which are more preferred by large and wide-built people.
  • We preferred the comfortable cutting technique in order to ensure that even large and muscular men are comfortable for long hours without reducing their mobility.
  • We used a high-quality fabric consisting of 67% silk and 33% polyester, which makes it less sweat. This fabric does not become silky or corroded and does not fade for a long time, even in intensive use. It preserves its vitality for years.
  • We chose the buttons from high quality resin plastic, ensuring their longevity.
  • High quality threads are used for stitches and are tightly laid. The ropes used are long-lasting and do not break or throw.

Options You Can Make When Ordering Men Shirt

We produce high quality shirts for the best men’s shirt seller serving customers in many regions of the world. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who operate online menswear buy and sell, buy and sell mens shirts. In order to provide a superior service to all our customers, communication is one of the most important issues.

Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. We can manufacture men’s shirts of all sizes, including special sizes that our customers inform us. In addition, we offer our customers fabric options that are not affected by water and liquid spills and are resistant to contamination. We have different color options in the same patterns.

You can talk to our friends working in the sales department about all these and prices, customization options, delivery and shipment dates, and get answers to all your questions from them.


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