There is almost no limit in men’s wholesale t-shirt designs. There are many options based on cuts and styles. On the other hand, t-shirts are generally modeled according to their collars. When we look at the t-shirt models according to the collar designs, we see the following:

  • Zero collar T-shirts,
  • V-neck T-shirts,
  • U-neck T-shirts,
  • Deep V-neck T-shirts,
  • Polo collar T-shirts,
  • Boat neck T-shirts,
  • Crew neck T-shirts,
  • Round neck T-shirts.

Therefore, there is a wide choice of T-shirt models according to collar designs. It is possible for everyone to choose according to their style. One of the most preferred among these is the polo collar T-shirts and they are a bit more classic than the others. It can be called a t-shirt style of those who wear a kind of suit. It has a more serious, more corporate feel. However, in recent years, the boundaries in polo-collar t-shirts in terms of color and design have completely disappeared, while monochrome polo-collar T-shirts were in fashion before, now much more sport polo-collar T-shirts in patterned, striped, floral, embroidered styles have emerged.

Polo collar T-shirts are indispensable for wardrobes, especially as an alternative to shirts. Ironing like a shirt can be a savior at work, vacation, office, home, invitations and in every other area because it does not have care sensitivity and offers a much more comfortable posture.

T-shirt models other than polo collars are more sporty. They offer an unlimited alternative in terms of color, print, pattern and cut. They can be in plain colors or mixed colors. In this way, although they stand out as a more sporty style of clothing, t-shirts that can appeal to every environment and every taste can be created according to their designs.

T-shirt models also have alternatives as a pattern. In addition to options such as normal cut, regular cut, standard cut, slim fit cuts are available. Each of these has a different posture, and people can choose according to their style, environment and body structure. Especially slim fit mold is among the most preferred patterns in t-shirts as it is in almost all clothes, and offers its user a more stylish outfit.

Men’s T-shirt types offer a wide variety of combinations. It can be worn plainly with all kinds of trousers. It can be combined with jeans and jackets. In particular, plain color zero collar t-shirts combined with jackets are one of the impressive pieces of events, invitations and organizations.

Except for polo collar t-shirt models, combinations are made especially with shirts. The buttons can be left open by wearing a t-shirt and a casual shirt over the trousers. Although this is an indispensable combination of summer months, it is a style that men who like to wear sports prefer all seasons. Plain colored t-shirts stand out especially in shirt-wear combinations.

Again in summer, capri pants and t-shirt models will be the best alternative for shorts. As a result, t-shirts are one of the indispensable top clothing products of men in all seasons, every style and style. It is a very wide alternative in terms of price, and t-shirt prices vary according to fabric quality, design and accessory details. In particular, prices of 100 percent cotton fabric can be more economical than their quality.

As a men’s t-shirt manufacturer, we can easily state that t-shirts are indispensable for a wardrobe. Although it looks like it has a simple design and it is considered as one of the cheapest top wear products, it is necessary not to mention T-shirt. Because you can make a wide range of combinations and use them anywhere, anytime.

First of all, the fabrics used in t-shirts are quite high. One of them is opanent fabric, which is made from a cotton and polyester blend yarn. It is mostly used in promotional products, t-shirts to be used in sectors such as construction, industry and agriculture. Therefore, it stands out in t-shirt types specially produced for business lines. It is considered the third quality.

Carded is a fabric produced from shorter cotton fiber yarn that has not undergone combing. Although it is not preferred much, it can be preferred by men’s t-shirt manufacturers.

The combed fabric is 100 percent cotton. Its surface is smoother and it is a type that can be worn more comfortably due to the natural, sweat-absorbing feature of cotton. It stands out as one of the ideal fabrics to create a product that can be used in the long term. Combed cotton t-shirts are one of the most preferred options by those who need men’s wholesale t-shirts, especially in areas such as tourism and restaurants.

Another type of t-shirt fabric, called lycra single jersey fabric, is a type of fabric that is heavier in weight than combed cotton, is more stout and allows more elegant products if sewn beautifully. Lycra single jersey fabric t-shirts are used especially in student clubs, nightclubs, dance-oriented sectors and many other areas.

Among the t-shirt fabrics, especially lacoste fabrics are also prominent. The name of lacoste fabric in our country is mostly piqué, and pique fabric has its own types that are produced with different quality standards. As a company, we prefer 100 percent cotton, softer types called USA. In this way, we produce comfortable, long-lasting and aesthetic results.

It should also be noted about T-shirt fabrics that no matter how high quality the fabric used is, it is impossible for the fabric to look quality, naturally, if the cut and sewing is not done well.

A quality fabric is preferred, if the cut is done well and the sewing is done in the best way, beautiful men’s t-shirt clothing products can be produced. Desired prints can be made on it. T-shirts can be personalized by performing all kinds of operations such as brand, emblem and slogan. In this way, it can be used by anyone, anywhere.

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