Submarine Design Men Shirt S-218

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Submarine Design Men Shirt

Men shirt is irreplaceable elements of men’s wardrobes. However, it is not always popular with young people because it is often associated with serious business meetings, teachers, government offices. In fact, when the weather gets warmer, young people who have to go to school with shirts all year long start looking for ways to get rid of their boring shirts and instead want to wear colorful, expressive the best men’s shirts outfits.

However, few men fashion clothes offer the comfort, functionality and elegance of shirts. Despite this, as young people cannot find shirts with designs to express themselves, they tend to choose other clothes even though they are not comfortable.

We serve with our fabrics and drawings that follow the fashion in men shirts. We make mass production by sewing with A quality fabrics. As wholesale, no matter how many, we produce fast and high quality. We are among the leading suppliers in the world in the wholesale men’s clothing. We always produce in the direction that our customers clearly want. We produce the desired drawings and quantities.

Men Shirt for Summer Days and Nights

When summer is mentioned, many people think of the sea, beach and sun. Especially young people want to wear colorful, patterned, comfortable and stylish clothes that reflect their energy and expectations from life, rather than wearing plain, boring clothes during their holidays. Inspired by the summer, the sea and nature, we designed this shirt for young people with the excitement of exploring the beauty of the submarine and presented it to our customers dealing with wholesale shirt buying and selling.

Our men’s shirt with undersea design has the following features;

  • Made of high quality, long-lasting, non-silk, abrasion-proof, non-sweating woven fabric made of 100% silk.
  • Slim fit cut. Although it fits well on the body from the waist and back, it does not tighten, sweat, reduce mobility and does not make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Bright colors and cute patterns turn and turn the eyes on the shirt, giving people a positive mood.
  • Wide neckline and cuffs add a stylish detail. It is suitable for both day and night use.
  • Stitches are stitched with tight and high quality threads. It does not break or throw. It is long-lasting.
  • Wide neck is suitable for ties. At the same time, the pocket was not used as a formal design element. It is an ideal combination element for users who want to catch different image and fashion trends.
  • The sleeves fold easily despite their long cuffs. Folding arms do not affect mobility.
  • The long waist provides comfort both in trousers and in free wear. Thanks to the narrow design at the bottom, the lower part of the shirt does not fluctuate in free wear, it does not cause ugly images and discomfort.

Men Shirt Order Details

We are one of the largest wholesale men’s shirts manufacturers in the region, producing for the best men’s clothing store customers operating in the online buying and selling of men’s clothing in every corner of the world.

Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. We are able to customize any kind of shirts for my customers. In addition to special sizes, we have production in all sizes and different colors. If desired, our fabric options that are resistant to water and liquid spills and resistant to dirt and dirt are also at your service.

You can discuss your questions about all kinds of prices, delivery dates and shipping information with our friends working in the wholesale men clothing sales department, and you can get all the information you are curious about.


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