Spacious Slim Men Shirt S-231

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %70 Cotton Fabric and %30 Polyester Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Spacious Slim Men Shirt

Men shirt is one of the most important and indispensable parts of men’s outerwear. Shirts suitable for different body types and for different clothing purposes have been in men’s wardrobes for a long time. The demand for slim-fit shirts is increasing rapidly all over the world. We carefully designed this shirt by following the trends in the world in order to be presented to their customers by men’s shirt sellers in every corner of the world.

The slim cut, which is preferred especially by young, weak and athletic men, allows its carrier to capture a more sporty, dynamic and stylish image. Many men wear almost all kinds of shirts in every setting, but this is a wrong behavior. According to the accepted rules of wholesale men’s clothing, shirts with pockets or with patterns are not worn. Ties are not worn with shirts whose neck is not wide enough.

We designed this shirt to be a spacious choice for men who want to wear a suit without sacrificing the elegance of the slim cut. We design models that you can wear very comfortable in men shirts. We produce fast and high quality products with new fashion designs. We supply every country in the production of wholesale shirts. As a wholesale men clothing company, we do not keep stock. We meet the needs of our customers instantly, we design and produce in line with customer requests.

What We Considered While Designing Men Shirt?

Wholesale shirt manufacturers want to reveal the movements of the shirt bearer when designing slim-cut shirts. We also wanted to make sure that the shirt is on the male wearing it, with back cuts on the shoulders, not just on the waist. While designing this shirt;

  • In order to prevent the buttons from distracting the shirt from the wearer, we chose colors compatible with the fabric.
  • We aimed to make those who wear the shirt feel more spacious by expanding the slim section, which has a narrow structure in general, without damaging the general structure.
  • We preferred a high quality 70% silk 30% polyester fabric that will reduce sweating and can be used for a long time without spinning.
  • We removed the pockets as it is a formal shirt.
  • We wanted to emphasize the formal structure of the shirt by choosing matte colors.
  • We made it possible to use ties by choosing a wide and classic collar design. If the person wearing the shirt is tall enough and wants, we have made it possible for him to choose one of the wide tie options instead of the normal one.
  • By placing buttons near the elbow next to the cuff, we aimed that the arms could be folded comfortably in desired situations and that there would be no reduction in mobility if the arms were bent.
  • By keeping the waist long, we prevented the part inside the trousers from blocking the mobility or creating an ugly appearance by coming out of place while moving.

Customizing Your Men Shirt Orders

We can produce our spacious slim-cut shirts in many different colors in any desired size buy wholesale menswear and our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. In addition to this, we also have a choice of fabric that flows over and does not stain in case water and various liquids are spilled according to the request of our customers.

You can get information from our friends in the wholesale men’s clothing sales department for the customization you want in fabric options, buttons, patterns and sizes. You can get information about washing and ironing procedures according to the selected fabric type from our colleagues in the sales department, or you can also benefit from the labels on the shirts.


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