Shiny Vest Men Jacket J-311

  • High Quality Men Jacket
  • %100 Polyester Fabric Body, Lining and Padding
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Shiny Vest Men Jacket

The men jacket trend continues to find its way with different jacket models. One of the men’s jacket models and preferred with great interest is the bright vest-style jacket. The jackets are generally known for their long-sleeved design. But in the changing jacket fashion, vest-style jackets have attracted great attention lately. Vest-looking jackets are sleeveless wholesale men jacket models. The jacket model, which has a sporty look, can be worn comfortably over both sweaters and shirts.

Except for very cold and rainy days, the jacket model that can be used easily is preferred with its simple and elegant appearance. The specially designed jacket model is produced with high quality materials. As a wholesale men’s clothing outlet, we produce and sell the bright vest men’s jacket model for store owners and sellers by wholesale order.

Bright Vest Men Jacket Features

Bright vest men jacket model is preferred by men with interest. Men’s jacket model is specially designed and produced. The specially designed jacket model is the preferred model worldwide. The simple and useful jacket model attracts attention with its long life because it is produced in high quality. General features of the jacket model we produce with our expert team among wholesale men’s jacket manufacturers:

  • It has a sleeveless vest appearance.
  • Hood is not used.
  • There are pocket details on both sides, right and left.
  • 100% polyester fabric is used.
  • It is a lined model.
  • Filler is used to give form to the jacket.
  • It is produced in line with different color options.
  • It is resistant to water and stain.
  • It has a long lifetime.

Bright looking jacket model is sleeveless. With this feature, it is similar to a vest. There are two pocket details in the jacket model without a hood. Jacket and pockets are zipped. The men jacket, which is produced with 100% polyester fabric, has a lining. The jacket is a padded model.

With this feature, it is resistant to water. Besides its waterproof feature, it is also resistant to stains. It can be cleaned easily. It is produced in different color options according to the order. The high quality jacket model has a long the best online menswear shop service life.

Bright Vest Wholesale Men Jacket Order

Bright vest men jacket orders are taken wholesale in bulk. The jackets designed by our special design team are produced in high quality. Jackets are not kept in stock. It is produced according to the order and delivered to the buyer. The color and size range of the jacket can be changed in the production wholesale men clothing of jackets.

As a wholesale jacket manufacturer, we produce jackets in accordance with the order details we receive. Orders of 500 pieces or more are evaluated for the purchase of wholesale jackets. We prepare the orders we receive online in a short time and deliver them to the buyer. Our company, which attaches importance to mass production, produces wholesale jackets for orders of at least 500 pieces or more. We have innovative style productions in men’s clothing fashion.

Although the color and size of the jacket model varies, the quality of the materials used does not change. We provide nearly 100% customer satisfaction by acting within the scope of quality standards in every production. Stores and sellers that sell men’s jackets can easily create an order by contacting our company. We make mass production as short sleeve vests. We are a wholesale men’s clothing company. We supply the world on wholesale menswear.


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