Mixed Square Pattern Men Shirt S-211

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Mixed Square Pattern Men Shirt

Men shirt are the classic pieces of men’s clothing fashion that have not changed with trousers for more than a century. Offering comfort, elegance and functionality in daily life, men’s shirts occupy a large place in the wardrobes of many men. The most important reason for this is that the shirts can be combined with all kinds of trousers and shoes and are suitable for different styles and images.

While it is desirable to prefer colored shirts without a pattern in business life and in serious situations, the absence of such rules for young people and their social environments enables young people to express themselves with their wholesale men clothes. Patterned shirts are very popular among young people who do not hesitate to express their way of looking at life, their wishes and dreams, who love to attract attention and who love to create their own style.

Patterns, which cannot be understood at first and need some attention to solve, are worn extensively by many young people to attract attention. We are here with innovative designs in men shirts. Drawing designs that appeal to the eyes, our team chooses the best fabrics. You can review our ready-made designs or present your own designs to our team. We produce men wholesale clothing in line with the wishes of our customers. This is our most important feature. Contact us for your loaded orders.

The Glamorous Dance of the Squares in the Men Shirt

While we were designing this shirt, we acted by thinking of young people who want to create their own style wholesale men clothing and are not afraid of being noticed. Thanks to its comfortable cut, we wanted to ensure that young people who are constantly on the move, whether in school or social settings, can move easily without sweating.

Our men shirt with interlocking squares pattern has the following features;

  • Buttons made of high quality resin are durable. It does not break easily.
  • High quality fabric woven from 100% silk does not sweat. It is also durable, does not discolor, wear or tear even after long-term intensive use. It preserves its colors and quality for years.
  • Interlocking frames keep the eye busy. Following the movements of the squares, the eyes keep the attention on the shirt and the person wearing it.
  • Suitable to be worn with different trousers or shorts. It can be worn both day and night.
  • The seams are tight and sewn using high quality threads. It does not break or throw, it is long lasting.
  • A comfortable cut pattern is used for large and muscular men. It does not squeeze the arms, shoulders and chest, does not prevent the movements of the arms, does not contract.
  • Suitable for wearing with blazers and sports jackets with its long cuffs.
  • Thanks to its wide collar, a tie can be worn to create different styles.
  • No pocket was used to expose the rib cage.
  • Provides comfort in free wear with its narrow cut on the skirt. It does not make fluctuations or create an ugly appearance. It does not pose a risk of getting stuck.

Men Shirt Customization and Ordering Information

As one of the biggest wholesale shirt manufacturers in the Middle East, we offer our customers high quality men’s shirts as the supplier of the best men’s clothing stores in every corner of the world and dozens of businesses operating in the wholesale men’s clothing buying and selling sectors.In addition to all standard sizes requested by our customers, we also produce special sizes. Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. Our pattern has different color options.

We also have fabric options that are resistant to water spills and dirt-repellent for our customers. With all kinds of prices, delivery dates, shipping and customization options, you can discuss your questions with our wholesale men clothing sales department responsible and find answers to all your questions.


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