Men Shirts Production and Pattern Styles

Men Shirts are sometimes preferred by those who want to be stylish and sometimes seen as the greatest savior of daily life. Shirt use is very common in both women and men. Today, shirts with different colors and patterns are produced. The fabrics used in shirt production, the print on the shirt, and the application method of the print may differ. Although it seems difficult to combine shirts, an elegant and stylish look can be obtained with small touches. Men's shirt manufacturers design with different models. These designs are mostly delivered to customers in solid colors.

Shirts provide slightly less comfort than other top wear items. For this reason, the fabric used in shirt production should be chosen correctly and the comfort of the customer should be provided. The most preferred fabrics for men’s shirt clothing are as follows;

  • Linen shirt fabric
  • Cotton shirt fabric
  • Linen – cotton fabric
  • Cotton – viscose fabric
  • Cotton – polyester fabric

A single fabric can be used in the production of shirts for men. At the same time, help can be obtained from two different fabrics. Linen shirts and cotton shirts are the two most produced types. However, when two types of fabric are mixed, the desired fabric is used together with the cotton fabric. Linen shirts are more preferred in summer months due to their air permeability. Cotton shirts are used in cooler weather.


It is always necessary to be careful in shirt production and to produce with the right steps. Various machines are helped in production. Thanks to these machines, the fabric is cut and sewn in desired properties. If printing will be done on the fabric, the desired print is applied on the fabric by means of special printing machines. Patterned shirts are also preferred along with plain colored shirts.

Pattern application on shirts can be in a single region or on the whole shirt. Apart from printing, production is made with self-patterned fabrics. As wholesale shirt manufacturers, using self-patterned fabric is healthier and more reliable. Because the prints on the shirt start to fade after a while and become damaged. However, shirts produced with self-patterned fabrics will be used more durable.