Leaf Design Men Shirt S-203

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %67 Cotton Fabric and %33 Polyester Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Leaf Design Men Shirt

In addition to plain and classic men shirt models, this model, which can be preferred by anyone with a taste and style, has more dynamic breezes. The product is made using high quality fabric. The patterns on it are obtained with special printing techniques using the same quality fabric compared to the rest of the wholesale men’s clothing. There are also many different color alternatives. The leaf prints on the product have many fine details.

The men shirt is dazzling with its leaf design reminiscent of autumn. It shows its quality with different styles of fabric and quality prints. Specially embroidered fabric is supplied in high quality. We have a long-standing experienced team that supplies wholesale men’s shirts. We provide a short deadline for purchases with high parts. We are a men clothing manufacturer that can work flexibly according to our customers’ demands.

Our company continues to produce the most innovative and trendy models among wholesale shirt manufacturers. Our product, which appeals to the general taste and offers a very comfortable way of use, is obtained in line with professional processes. The details on it have not been obtained from chemical dyes. If we look at the product in general, it does not contain any harmful substances.

You can order the product with a minimum of 500 pieces. Your order and shopping processes are guided by us in the most accurate and easy way and professional service is provided to avoid any problems. We continue to offer the best men’s clothing products in high quality and with dozens of alternatives without slowing down.

Features of Printed Men Shirt Model

The product has an extremely soft and light texture due to the high amount of cotton fabric. The product can be easily preferred in all seasons. Due to its light texture, it does not cause any extra sweating in summer. It gives customers the opportunity to choose by being presented in different colors. If we look at the general features of the product;

  • 67% cotton and 33% polyester fabric is used.
  • Different color options are available.
  • It is produced based on comfortable mold dimensions.
  • It has a wide size range.
  • It has a light and comfortable texture.
  • The button details on the product consist of multiple colors.
  • A modern and minimal print is used.

Thanks to the high cotton ratio it contains, the product provides a comfortable use for its user. Our company shows its difference at every opportunity by paying great attention to every detail in the production of wholesale men’s shirt. If you are looking for a reliable address to choose such high quality products, we will gladly and gladly assist you.

High Quality Fabric Men Shirt

Quality products show the difference in terms of both texture and general integrity. We have taken our productions to the next level with our design and production by focusing on men’s outerwear. In this way, we aim to offer products that are always needed and demanded in the sector.

We create designs that keep their form for years, always using high-quality fabric and sewing techniques. This product is a product that has been professionally designed wholesale men clothing and produced in terms of both fabric quality and sewing techniques. With the right washing and ironing, you can use the product for years with peace of mind while preserving its general form.


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