Large Piece Men Jacket J-313

  • High Quality Men Jacket
  • %100 Polyester Fabric Body, Lining and Padding
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Large Piece Men Jacket

The men jacket, which is highly preferred among men’s clothing products, has a very old usage history. The jacket has undergone different design changes from the time it was first used until today. Thanks to this change in jacket design, jackets suitable for different areas of use and intended use were designed and produced.

Among the jacket models produced, the most preferred model of recent times is the large piece male jacket. The large piece men’s jacket model is loved by men with its simple and stylish design. With our company, where we carry out professional work in the production of wholesale men’s jackets, we produce in line with online orders.

When ordering men’s clothing online, we get the details for the jacket model from the customer. In line with these details, we produce high quality men’s jackets. We have innovative style productions in men’s clothing fashion. We are working on our patterns. We make our designs in line with customer requests. We are a wholesale men’s clothing company. We supply the world on wholesale menswear.

Large Piece Men Jacket Specifications

The men jacket specially designed and produced for men are of high quality. The jacket model with a simple and stylish design is produced with the latest technology machinery and system. General features of the large piece male jacket model:

  • It is produced with long sleeves.
  • It is zippered.
  • There is a zippered pocket detail on the model.
  • The jacket is not hooded.
  • Made with 100% polyester fabric.
  • It is lined.
  • Filling is used to bring it to a certain form.
  • Various color options are available.
  • It is resistant to water and stain.

The large piece men jacket model ordered for wholesale men’s clothing is a special design. The jacket on the model is produced in plain and solid color. The long-sleeved jacket model has a zipper. At the same time, there are zippered pocket details on the jacket. The jacket without a hood is lined and filled.

Thanks to the lining and filling, the pattern of the jacket is formed, keeping the jacket warmer. Produced with 100% polyester fabric, the jacket is water and stain resistant. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it can be easily worn in rainy weather. Thanks to its stain-proof feature, it can be easily cleaned. The men’s coat model with various color options can be produced in different size ranges.

Large Piece Men Jacket Order

As a wholesale men’s jacket seller, we produce large-piece men’s jacket models by taking wholesale orders. We produce the jacket model that we designed suitable for men’s wear fashion with high quality materials and offer them for sale. In the production of models where we work on different molds, we choose the appropriate mold for the order and produce in the desired size range.

Shopping Clothings can take at least 500 orders for wholesale jackets. As a men’s jacket manufacturer, we sell jackets to different countries and different cities. We accept orders of 500 pieces or more in the production of the custom designed jacket model, and we can change the jacket color and size upon order.

We can make changes to the jacket model at the request of our customers who sell men’s jackets. In line with the changes we make, we provide nearly 100% customer satisfaction. As a successful company that designs and manufactures men’s jackets worldwide, we provide high quality jacket production and sales services at the right and affordable price range.


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