Jeans Grinding and Design Making

The grinding process is done to make the jeans look older. The surface of the denim is rubbed, abraded and an aged appearance is obtained. In industrial laundries, they do this with pumice stone. The purpose of the denim grinding process is to give the fabric a used, old and worn appearance. There are many ways to wear jeans. Manufacturers can abrade the denim fabric using sandpaper. In our company, it obtains the necessary aging by subjecting the jeans to the grinding technique. The desired appearance is created in the full sense of the grinding we perform using different methods. The quality of jeans subjected to grinding process is at world standards. Products with a high level of quality are demanded and purchased by large masses. When grinding is included in the productions made without compromising product quality, perfection is achieved in full. Zero error services make our company different from wholesale denim manufacturers.


Our company, which has achieved great success among men’s jeans manufacturers, also realizes special designs without being restricted by the denim grinding process. Denim designs are of the kind that push the limits of imagination. It is quite possible to open the door to new styles with jeans where you can find quality and uniqueness together. The designs are completely personalized. So, how is denim design done?

Design is not just the external appearance of jeans, every detail from the body to the denim fabric is included in the design. The person who wants to design will first sew or have a trousers suitable for his own body. The tone of the pants will also directly affect the design. Denim designs, in which the stonings are intense, completely contain the taste of the person. The grinding process, which is enriched with details, enables the emergence of attractive products.

Designer jeans that make even the simplest t-shirts rich are becoming the center of attention of people. You can examine jeans of different shades and details on our company’s website. Our company, which is not only limited to denim grinding and designing, also offers you many details about men’s denim clothing. To get detailed information about the services of our company, you can visit our official website and request service.