Ice Grain Men Shirt S-235

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Ice Grain Men Shirt

Men shirt is one of the most preferred clothing items for men in their daily lives. Men’s shirts, which are a very classic clothing piece, are available on our website with the most modern and trendy options. Our wholesale men’s shirt models are produced for different tastes and needs using many textures and fabrics. Our patterned model;

  • Manufactured using 100% cotton fabric.
  • It has a comfortable fit.
  • It is offered in different color options.
  • It is produced using high quality sewing techniques.
  • It does not contain any content harmful to health.
  • It is produced by using water and stain resistant fabric.
  • Production is made using molds that fit perfectly to the body.

Our company, which always aims to produce and sell quality products in wholesale shirt exports, is taking steps in this direction. Every detail in our 100% cotton patterned shirt model carries modern traces. Our shirt model, which reflects the trends of recent times, has a very simple, stylish and minimal appearance. It can be preferred for special occasions as well as a model that can be easily preferred for daily use. You can also shop by using the buy men’s shirt option.

Latest fashion designs continue in men shirts. We produce shirts in line with the requests of our customers, which we obtain from quality fabrics and drawings. We produce our wholesale men’s shirts with our expert staff and team based on many years. As a wholesale men’s clothing company, we design and produce according to instant customer needs. We do not keep stock. We do not sell products from the old seasons.

Soft Textured Patterned Men Shirt

Our company, which offers different designs in men’s clothing online shopping, primarily focuses on using quality fabrics. The pattern of the shirts, which is one of the most preferred products in men’s clothing, is very important. In this direction, we pay great attention to both pattern and fabric quality in the production of patterned shirts.

Our patterned fabric shirts provide advantages in use with their comfortable patterns. Thanks to its stain and water repellent properties, it can be preferred especially in summer months. All elements of the shirt are in harmony with each other. The collar detail is presented in a very sharp and clear way. It does not cause difficulty during ironing and wrinkles are easily removed. Thanks to the advantages it offers wholesale men clothing, you can safely choose a patterned cotton shirt model.

High Quality Men Shirt

The Shopping Clothings is taking firm steps towards becoming the best men’s clothing store. We obtain very modern and minimal designs by using high quality fabric in shirt production. As with all our shirt models, we provide production by paying attention to even the smallest details in this model. Our patterned shirt model is without pockets. Its mold is very comfortable and provides mobility. Due to its wide range of sizes, it gives a chance to choose.

By following the trends of the day, we aim to produce frequently preferred models. In this way, we use the highest quality fabrics and obtain standard men’s clothing fashion products. At the same time, by choosing breathable cotton fabric, we prevent possible irritation and sweating and aim to offer a comfortable use.

In our patterned shirt model, we produce by considering every detail. We prefer comfortable cuts that breathe using cotton fabric. In addition, we use the highest quality parts even for shirt buttons. You can complete your shopping by ordering the best quality men’s shirts on our website.


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