How to shop

Determine the product details from ready-made products or your own designs. Contact us via mail or support phone. Let’s make sure the quantity and the design together. Thus, we can start preparing your order.

The minimum order is 1,000 pieces, although the minimum order quantity varies with product features and design.

Of course we can. Our priority is customer satisfaction. We produce special products for many of our customers in the wholesale men’s clothing sector.

We can do it as a result of your permission. We produce by writing your brand on the labels.

We work completely dependent on you. We help you choose the most affordable transportation according to the country location of the goods to be imported.

Of course, our production doors are always open to you. We want you to come to the quality control of the produced products and to avoid any question marks in your mind at the time of delivery.

Pricing & payment

We work in EUR and USD currencies. We choose the one that suits you while giving you the price.

After the order is finalized, we receive advance payment in advance. Because it is deemed necessary for some production costs in large quantities of wholesale purchases. The remaining payment is received at the delivery of the goods. We do these through the bank route.

Of course. We choose this way for the first shopping with many of our customers. As long as there is bank compatibility between countries, you can pay by credit.