Detail Dotted Men Shirt S-202

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Detail Dotted Men Shirt

Men shirt, which is an important part of men’s clothing, continues to be designed with different colors and patterns. The shirt, which is the most preferred product of wholesale men’s clothing worldwide, is designed and produced for every season. While sports and stylish shirt models are produced for men, the fabric of the shirt is carefully preferred to suit the season.

The detail dotted men’s shirt, which is highly preferred in men’s shirt clothing, is produced wholesale by our company. As a company, we serve in the production of wholesale men’s shirts. We manufacture the detail sequin men’s shirt model wholesale according to the order and are delivered to the vendors in Turkey and abroad. We export the shirts we produce for wholesale men’s wear. Store owners or sellers who want to order men’s shirts can easily create a shirt order by contacting our company.

Our men shirt model with detail dots is obtained from high quality fabric. Our production of wholesale men’s shirts is professional in adding fine point details on fabric. As can be seen in close-up, the design and sewing quality is very high. We can adhere to your request as a pattern in your wholesale men’s shirt purchases. Our textile products production system is very fast and reliable. We work with our highly experienced teammates on menswear.

Detail Dotted Men Shirt Specifications

We have been among the wholesale men’s shirt manufacturers for years. Detail sequin men’s shirt is a model designed with small size sequins details. There are two different spangle colors, light and dark, on the shirt. The detailed sequin men’s shirt, which is a collar shirt model, is produced with a white button. Special design shirt features:

  • 100% cotton fabric is used in production.
  • Has various color options.
  • It is resistant to water, moisture and stain.
  • Production is made for orders of at least 500 or more.

Light and dark sequins are used in the design of the detail sequin men’s shirt model. Made of 100% cotton, the shirt is light and comfortable. The shirt, which balances the body temperature, also keeps it cool. Manufactured wholesale men clothing with cotton fabric, the shirt is water, moisture and stain resistant. The easy-to-clean shirt can be produced in different color options. At least 500 orders are received for shirt production.

Men Shirt Production in Different Color and Body Options

As a men’s shirt seller, we produce on order. Stores and sellers selling men’s shirts can order the detail dotted men’s shirt model with wholesale order. Different colors can be used in shirt production. The color and shirt size used in the production of the shirt can be changed by determining the order.

A professional team is involved in the design and production of the shirts. In this way, the design and production of the shirts are carried out without error. As a company that has come to the fore in the production of wholesale shirts, we have a certain order. Thanks to this layout, we produce high quality shirts in a short time and deliver them to the buyer. We take wholesale shirt orders online.

In men’s clothing online orders, the color, size, pattern and how many pieces of the shirt will be produced are taken with the order. Our experienced team produces men’s shirts in line with this information. The shirts produced are delivered to the address of the recipient in special packages. As one of the important names in wholesale shirt production, we serve worldwide. If you are also selling men’s shirts, you can include a men’s shirt model with detail dots in your store.


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