Denim Design Men Shirt S-210

  • High Quality Men Shirt
  • %100 Cotton Fabric
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Denim Design Men Shirt

Although men shirt the life of jeans is very new in our country, it has become a rising men’s clothing trend in a short time. Today, together with fabric and canvas trousers, it has become the most preferred trouser type especially for daily and sports use. The different texture of jeans only prevents them from being distinguished from other trousers with their strength, and allows them to create a different style. In addition, jeans can be worn with various shirts like other trousers to create a stylish and comfortable combination.

We designed the pattern we use from this men shirt inspired by denim fabric. By using the texture of denim fabric in contrasting colors, we have succeeded in creating an attractive and stylish pattern. The pattern, which is constantly repeating and not disturbing on the eyes, helps to create a stylish image without straining the eyes with its eye-catching but eye-catching design.

Innovative designs continue on men shirts. We come among the choices of men who want to be different. We design innovative fabrics that will adapt to the fashion structures of countries. We supply wholesale menswear to many countries. Our production capacity is wide enough to serve many customers at the same time.

Youth’s Favorite Denim Men Shirt

When designing this men shirt, we thought of young people who want to attract people’s attention from a distance, not only to present themselves at close range but also by using their style and personality. With its pattern that can be selected from close range, the shirt is designed for young people who want to attract and protect the attention wholesale men’s clothing of the group they are in.

The general features of our denim patterned shirt are as follows;

  • Suitable for day and night use.
  • It can be worn over different trousers or even shorts.
  • Its pocketless structure supports its formal design. It can be worn with different jackets thanks to its long cuffs and wide neck.
  • Thanks to its wide neck, it can be used with a tie if desired. The wide neck allows the use of a wide tie, which is preferred by large men. It is an ideal piece of clothing to create many different styles and images.
  • Made of high quality, 100% silk woven fabric. This fabric does not cause abrasion and silk for a long time. It retains its colors for a very long time. It does not cause sweating, it helps the body to breathe.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality resin plastic, the buttons are resistant to breakage and breakage and are durable.
  • A comfortable cutting pattern is used for muscular and large men to use comfortably. The shirt that fits on the arms and shoulders does not tighten the chest, neck and body and does not prevent the movement of the arms. It offers comfortable movement during the day.
  • High quality threads are used for sewing. Tight stitches keep their form intact for a very long time and do not break or throw.

Men Shirt Order and Customization Details

Shopping Clothings, which is among the largest wholesale men’s shirt manufacturers in the region, supplies high-quality shirts to businesses that wholesale shirt jackets in the field of men’s wear in all corners of the world. The satisfaction of our customers and end customers is our priority with the productions we carry out on the orders of our customers.

We can produce standard and non-standard sizes in line with the wishes of our customers. We have different color options for this product, as well as fabric options that are dirt-repellent with liquid spills. Minimum order quantity is 500. You can get detailed information about customization options, production time, shipment date and price from the responsible wholesale men clothing sales department.


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