Colorful Sleeves Men Jacket J-314

  • High Quality Men Jacket
  • %100 Polyester Fabric Body, Lining and Padding
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Colorful Sleeves Men Jacket

Among men’s clothing, men jacket are often preferred… The jackets preferred by men have different colors and designs. Jacket design has seen improvement over the years. Different men’s jacket models are preferred for sportswear, daily wear, special events and official places.

Among the jacket models, the colored sleeve detailed men’s jacket, which is preferred by men, is an indispensable part of both sportswear and daily wear. The jacket model with a simple and elegant appearance is produced specially. We take online orders in the production of wholesale men’s jacket models. We produce the men’s jacket model according to the order we receive.

Shopping Clothings provides the right and affordable price range for online men’s clothing purchases. The jacket model we designed and produced is highly preferred by our customers in different countries and cities. We have innovative style productions in men’s clothing fashion. We are working on our patterns. We make our designs in line with customer requests. Our expert team works for you. We are a wholesale men’s clothing company. We supply the world on wholesale menswear.

Colorful Sleeves Men Jacket Specifications

The men’s jacket model with colorful sleeve details is designed by the special design team. Experienced production team takes part in the production of the wholesale men jacket. The jacket model produced with the latest technology machines and systems is made ready for use with mass production. General features of the jacket model, which is a wholesale men’s clothing product:

  • It consists of two different colors.
  • Made with 100% polyester fabric.
  • It has a pocket.
  • It is zippered.
  • It has different color options.
  • It is resistant to water and stain.

Two different colors are used in the jacket model, which is specially designed for men. In the design of the men jacket model, color selection is made, including light and dark. The colors used in the model can be changed according to the order. Produced with 100% polyester fabric, the jacket is water and stain resistant. Lining is also used in the production of jackets.

The men jacket is waterproof thanks to the fabric and lining used in the production. The coat model, which is resistant to stain, can be easily cleaned. There are two pockets, one on the right and left. At the same time, there is a zipper detail on the upper part of the jacket. The jacket with colored sleeve details is zippered men clothing fashion from the neck.

Colorful Sleeves Wholesale Men Jacket Order

Colorful sleeve detailed men’s jacket model is produced in line with wholesale men clothing order. Our company, which is successful in jacket export for wholesale men’s jackets, can be safely preferred. Different colors can be used in the production of the men’s jacket with colorful sleeve details. Color and size of the jacket model can be changed upon order.

Among the wholesale men’s jacket manufacturers, we produce jackets with high quality materials. We take orders online before production, so we serve worldwide. As a prominent company in the field of men’s shirt export, we receive at least 500 orders. We produce and serve for orders of 500 or more.

The orders we receive start to be produced in a short time and are delivered to the buyer in special packaging after production. As a company experienced in men’s jacket manufacturing, we continue to make mass production. Stores and sellers that sell men’s jackets can safely do their wholesale jackets from our company.


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