Big Collar Men Jacket J-308

  • High Quality Men Jacket
  • %100 Polyester Fabric Body, Lining and Padding
  • Various Color Options
  • Water and Stain Resistant Option
  • Minimum Order Quantity 500 Pieces
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Big Collar Men Jacket

There are dozens of men jacket types produced by the world textile industry for a long time. Some are designed to be worn on cool summer evenings, some to complement formal suits, and others to stay warm on old winter days. “Puffer” or “puffy” jackets, which are among the last members of the wholesale men’s jackets designed to be worn in cold weather, are known as “goose down coats” and “puffy coats” in our country.

These jackets have found users in many parts of the world in a short time because they are light, do not tire the wearer and do not hinder their mobility. These jackets, which are especially wholesale men’s clothing preferred by people who move a lot during the day.

It have also started to be the first choice menswear fashion of those who take nature walks and who love to camp in nature. The replacement of goose down, which was used as a filling material in the first jackets, has caused a decrease in the weight of the jackets and provided a more comfortable use.

With A Storable Hood Men Jacket

These jackets, which successfully protect their users from the effects of cold and wind, are especially preferred the best online menswear shop in winter and autumn seasons . By keeping the collar of this jacket a little wide, we preferred to hide the hood inside the collar, which disturbs many people but is needed in bad weather. General features of our jacket are as follows;

  • Hidden hooded design. When it is desired to be used, the zipper can be opened and used immediately and can be easily folded and replaced. The high collar in which the hood is placed covers the neck and neck completely when it is lifted, and this prevents discomfort such as cold and neck stiffness.
  • With wide pockets ideally positioned for putting hands on, it is possible to protect hands in cold weather and carry many items without feeling uncomfortable.
  • High quality buttons that do not tarnish, jam or detach.
  • High quality and durable zippers that do not jam or snag.
  • Long arm cuffs help protect the hands and wrists from cold when necessary, and help preserve body temperature by preventing cold from the wrists.
  • The fabric made of high quality 100% polyester preserves its colors for a long time and is resistant to abrasion and tear. Provides protection against cold and wind.
  • Material made of high quality 100% polyester is used as filling material to increase the quality of insulation and to reduce the weight of the jacket. This material helps to preserve body heat and cuts off the effect of wind and cold.
  • High quality and 100% polyester yarns are used in all of the seams. These threads are long-lasting and do not break or throw for years.

About The Customization Options Of Our Men Jacket

As one of the region’s largest manufacturers of wholesale men’s jackets in the field, we supply high quality jackets to the best menswear websites online and a men’s jacket dealer who buys and sells wholesale menswear in many regions of the world. We can customize our jackets according to the wishes and needs of our customers. We have different color options and water and dirt-repellent fabric options. Our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces of the best wholesale clothing supplier.

You can contact our sales department officers for all customization options, prices, production and shipping information, and get information from them about any issue that you have in mind. Wholesale different styles of men’s jacket fashion. We produce as a wholesale men clothing company. New fashion items that will keep you warm. Contact us at wholesale supplies for new men’s fashion.


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