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Wholesale Men's Shirts

Wholesale men’s shirts made of pure cotton, that is, cotton shirts, can sometimes cause itching. May cause allergies in some people with sensitive skin. It may disturb the person in hot and humid environments. However, the shirts made of pure cotton fabric are in a structure that everyone can wear easily. Thanks to its completely natural raw material, it does not cause any allergen. It can be produced in thin and thick forms. In this way, thinner can be worn in summer, thicker ones in winter. It absorbs body sweat even in hot summer or humid times, keeping the person dry and reducing sweating.

Wholesale Men's Jeans

Manufacturers of wholesale men’s jeans make use of various auxiliary materials in jeans. Pocket bags, belt interlinings and if desired, inner lining are auxiliary cutting materials. Pocket bags can be made from various pocket fabrics or lining. The most preferred is polyester blend white calico. Belt interlining is made according to the shape of the waist belt. If the belt is straight, the ready-made belt-width strip interlinings are adhered to the fabrics in the form of strips in the width of the belt. Belt attachments are sewn.

Wholesale Men's T-Shirts

Wholesale men’s t-shirts models also have alternatives as a pattern. In addition to options such as normal cut, regular cut, standard cut, slim fit cuts are available. Each of these has a different posture, and people can choose according to their style, environment and body structure. Especially slim fit mold is among the most preferred patterns in t-shirts as it is in almost all clothes, and offers its user a more stylish outfit.